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Customertimes partners closely with several hundred companies to provide high-impact solutions to their business problems. We constantly refresh and expand our technical, geographical, industry, and subject matter expertise, providing a framework that enables our customers to create and maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.



Customertimes advises our clients on how to maximize their CRM investment at all phases of the journey - from strategy to implementation. We combine our industry expertise with the skill sets of our consultants and developers and add in the benefit of scale. This allows us to deliver the ideal combination of highly-skilled and cost-effective teams and optimize onshore/nearshore resources as needed.

Assess current usage and identify gaps/areas for improvement
Review technical architecture and provide recommendations to improve efficiency
Align corporate objectives with recommendations to improve business effectiveness
Identify capability gaps that can be filled by 3rd party solutions or custom development
Interview key stakeholders and document business objectives in order to ensure maximum alignment
Design implementation roadmap and timelines to maximize ROI and facilitate adoption
Develop management planning
Establish a communication strategy with key stakeholders to ensure ongoing project success
Create a business blueprint with architecture to scale or adjust to meet business dynamics

Customertimes helps clients maximize their investment in Salesforce and related technologies by unleashing the intrinsic value of the platforms. As a Salesforce partner since 2008, we provide best-practice consulting, development, integration, and support services to help customers achieve the highest ROI on their technology investments.

Focus on Business Results
Unlike consulting companies that expect customers to design their own solutions, we simply ask clients to define their business problems. Then, with the power of our extensive experience, we deliver the optimal solution.
Complete Offering
We have successfully delivered over 4000 projects since 2007, and we never stop improving. We provide end-to-end solutions, and our value is enriched by our expertise across related technologies including MuleSoft, Tableau, SAP, and others.
Cross-Industry Expertise
Our products and services have been successfully deployed across multiple industries, including Life Sciences, Manufacturing, CPG, Services, Education, Finance, and Non-Profit, among others.
End-to-End Solutions
In addition to our 700+ CRM resources, we have an additional 300 experts skilled in ERP, middleware, and custom development across multiple technology services. This experienced team ensures that our customers maximize their technology investment.
Cutting-edge Expertise
Our highly skilled workforce is now 1000+ strong, and we are always on the lookout for talented new experts.

With the acquisition of Vlocity, Salesforce continues its push into industry vertical solutions. Customertimes is a Salesforce Master Navigator, and our deep experience across all Salesforce Industry clouds means we deliver true digital transformation for complex industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Comms & Media, and Utilities. With 1400+ Salesforce certifications and top Salesforce Industry Cloud experts, we can help you achieve tangible business results.

Digital Maturity Assessment
We’ll evaluate your organization to determine its digital maturity level. Based on your business roadmap and the results of the assessment, we’ll help you refine your digital strategy across key functional areas, including CRM, according to industry best practices.
Salesforce Industry DevOps
Accelerate time to value and reduce risk by implementing a robust CI/CD solution. Use enterprise-grade toolsets aligned to scaled agile methodology to increase the agility and efficiency of your digital capabilities and deliverables.
Program Audit & Recommendations
We perform audits and review any existing project or implementation for scaled agile program management, industry best practice, and DevOps. We follow that up with customized recommendations to help reduce risk, leverage out-of-box capabilities, and meet strict NFR KPIs.
MVP Definition & Delivery
Our experts have built and delivered solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. Let us help you define and develop your MVP by identifying, managing, and monitoring digital capabilities so your solutions align with industry best practices and provide immediate business value.
Product Modelling Design
Robust product lifecycle management and modelling are critical to delivering a product catalogue-driven digital platform. Our experts help reduce time-to-market by building a platform that supports innovation based on agility, so your team has the power to stay relevant and become market leaders.

Offshore pricing from highly skilled consultants and developers with extensive knowledge of European market requirements. We offer a variety of services beginning with migration to all versions of S/4 HANA. We also provide managed services and support for ECC clients. We are highly skilled at integration and extending core ERP functions.

Facilitate a step-by-step transition to the cloud with integration and migration services.
Get a high-quality extension of your existing team with dedicated SAP consultants/developers.
Extend core ERP functions with native SAP cloud applications through the SAP cloud platform.
SAP UX: Fiori. Simplify and streamline business processes by combining all required data from multiple systems in a single place.

We know that the go-live point is often closer to the beginning of our customers’ journey than it is to the end, so our managed services model offers 24/7 coverage all over the world. We give clients the scalability needed to grow with Salesforce, plus the flexibility to benefit from our expertise at any time.

Fully Managed Services
We handle Salesforce support, maintenance, and periodic upgrades so our clients can focus on their core business. As always, our support is provided as a transparent, efficient model driven by KPIs and SLAs.
Proactive Maintenance
We strive to help clients understand the business advantage of proactive maintenance and implementation. We work with them to strategically plan for the future and deploy the services that will help them reach their goals.
Reliable Operations
Our customers rely on us as a strategic partner for managed services. We help transform and run the day-to-day business operations they rely on to improve outputs and increase efficiency on a long-term basis.
Multi-Sector Expertise
Our certified experts provide seamless integration across all business systems with Salesforce and SAP. We manage support and operations for clients in industries such as Life Sciences, Nonprofit, Wealth Management, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Communications, Technology, Retail, and more.
Scalable Offerings
Our experts tailor their offerings to better meet customer needs. We help everyone, from business owners at SMBs all the way up to executives at the enterprise level, reach their goals.

We provide a full range of integration options to help customers implement solutions effectively. As a MuleSoft partner, we customize solutions based on vendor-recommended best practices, but while MuleSoft is the most commonly preferred platform, we also work with an extended range of integrations to meet client needs.

Business Vision
What value can your business gain from integration? This question is now easy to answer with our Business Outcome KPI-oriented approach. By measuring KPIs, we can easily track progress and measure success.
Broad Success
A deep understanding of the implementation process helps us navigate a broad range of integration projects, from point-to-point to consolidation of 20+ heterogeneous platforms at the other end of the spectrum.
Technical and Process Expertise
The majority of enterprise-level integration scenarios require thoroughly prepared solutions proven by experience and best practices. Our expertise helps us deliver maximum effectiveness using cutting edge technologies.
Full Product Lifecycle Development and Support
We help develop integration scenarios, from gathering requirements at the beginning through the Go Live phase, and beyond. We also assist our customers throughout each developmental phase to set them up for success from the start.
Salesforce Integration
As a Salesforce and MuleSoft integrator, we help find the best strategy for integrating Salesforce with other cloud and on-premise platforms by leveraging their capabilities to achieve maximum performance and transparency.
Our key asset is our team, which has extensive cross-industry and cross-platform expertise. It consists of 20+ specialists, including architects, developers, business analysts, QA, and DevOps engineers.

We offer a suite of services covering the full life-cycle of Salesforce Products, from the idea stage to production support. Our experts can guide ISVs and partner clients through go-to-market strategies, including implementing new products, completing a lift-and-shift of existing products to the Salesforce platform, rebuilding on the platform, creating hybrid staged approaches, and others.

We can help you take full advantage of the Salesforce platform and application distribution mechanisms so you can reach the right customers with the right solutions.
  • Business vision
  • Target audience
  • Roadmap
  • Foundation
Strike the perfect balance between agility, future-proofing, MVP features richness, running costs, and quick monetisation.
  • Bundling
  • Cost appraisal
  • Go-to-market strategy
We collaborate with our customers to make sure every aspect of product development is handled according to their preference. From a completely managed approach to close collaboration with in-house development teams, we adapt to internal delivery processes.
  • PoC/Tech vetting
  • MVP (core model)
  • Product development
  • Security review
  • Packaging
  • AppExchange listing
We provide a complete toolset and empirical experience in automation-management for technical solutions and environments. We also adhere to industry best practices for the optimization of release-frequency, development speed, AQA etc.
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Release management
  • Ci/CD
Professional Service
We make the practical know-how of hundreds of internal specialists available to our customers. We also closely monitor the delivery and enforcement of internal standards for quality and performance.
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • CoE
Managed Service
Care is not only about keeping the lights on and maintaining business-as-usual. Our systems implementer experience allows us to maximize product adoption with individual end-uses and help them unlock the full value of serviced products.
  • Support T1-T3
  • Customer success
  • Change management

Whether you’re developing a product, maximizing your technology spend, or integrating specialized functions, our team of highly skilled engineers can help. We have extensive knowledge of all major digitized industries and technology stacks, and even if you’re not sure what you need, we can help.

We drive digital and business transformation by aligning technology with strategy. We help with data science, UI/UX design, Mobile, BI tools, CMS, custom portals, SEO, and more, so you can optimize your technology spend.
Product​ Development
Developing a product? We can help improve your go-to-market time. Our experts have practical experience in a variety of technologies and architecture strategies, and we offer consulting, market analysis, scoping, and roadmapping for your projects.
Integration & Managed Services
We offer development, integration, and management for highly immersive joint solutions. Our field specialists can help you re-platform your legacy system, conduct data audits, manage Index and Search add-ons in your dictionary, and more.
Our specialized team is known for their professionalism, efficiency, and reliability. We can help with identity management, API gateways, ETL, ESP, workers and nano-service processing, proxies, and adapters, plus database staging and external data storage.

Customertimes helps businesses transform data into actionable steps that lead to increased revenue, optimized costs, and resilience during uncertainty. The BI team provides a full range of analytical services that are cost-effective, easy to support, and complement their existing landscape.

Data-driven Insight
We work with our customers to gain actionable insights from their data. Then, we use our expertise and experience to build solutions that provide continuous benefit and support strategic decision-making.
Purpose-built for User Adoption
From the start, we work with customers to make sure that our BI solutions meet their business needs and move them forward. We also collaborate with local data champions to drive the adoption of our BI solutions.
Cross-Industry Expertise
We have a proven track record of building successful BI solutions for multiple industries, including Life Science, CPG, Telecom, Finance, Manufacturing, Education, and more.
Focus on Quality
We ask the right questions from the start. Plus, we optimize dataflows as we bring data in, enhance data quality while we build solutions, and pay extra attention to detail along the way.
Powerful Visualizations
We believe that the right visualization can help make your CRM and non-CRM data more valuable and actionable. Our dashboards are uniquely designed to provide personalized analytical insight to our clients, including role-specific views.
Multiple Technologies
Our BI team has a proven track record of successfully implementing products from Salesforce, Tableau, SAP, Birst, Microsoft, and others. We’ll help you choose the solution that best meets your requirements and preferences.
Practical AI Integrations
Our Artificial Intelligence solutions are deeply embedded into our products. We deliver the right AI-driven solution at the right time, including voice/image recognition, NLP, product recommendations, and others.

Customertimes helps clients automate and integrate the processes between their software development and IT teams so they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. A strong DevOps integration leads to better collaboration between departments, which results in faster time-to-resolution and more seamless project management.

Customertimes provides various QA services as a crucial part of the SDLC continuum, bringing significant value to product development. From the very beginning of your project, our QA engineers will provide a QA strategy designed to ensure the quality of all our processes and deliverables.

Collaborative Culture
DevOps isn’t simply a process or a different approach to development. It’s a culture change from two departments that historically worked in silos to a streamlined unit that improves functionality across the board.
Reliable Automation
A DevOps approach helps eliminate repetitive manual work. We help teams automate the build, test, deploy, and provisioning steps to create reliable systems and develop repeatable processes
Streamlined Approach
We help DevOps teams maximize the experience and insight of their individual members and actively look for opportunities to improve collaboration.
Shared Goals
Developers and operators work together in each phase of the application’s lifecycle to offer continuous feedback and create the best possible product.
Measured Improvement
We work with DevOps teams to define the metrics that will measure improvement. Continuous improvement leads to smoother operations, better ROI, and decreased time-to-market.
End-to-End Testing
Our Quality Engineers are involved in every aspect of the project, from gathering specifications to supporting UAT sessions with end-users. This approach ensures that any issues will be detected quickly and not delay production.
Mobile Testing
We will help you configure your application for mobile platforms and test it on any device so you gain real-life testing insight.
End-User Focus
During the testing process, we focus on functional requirements and interface mock-ups as well as user experience so we can identify and resolve any issues before UAT sessions and product deployment.
Transparent Reporting
At each stage of the project, we use quality assurance metrics to drive reports, providing customers and stakeholders with objective product quality information.
Better Outcomes
Automated QA testing reduces business expenses, provides consistent reporting, allows for a greater testing coverage, and identifies defects earlier in the testing process. Where automated QA is possible, it saves businesses money and speeds up time-to-market.
Cross-Platform Test Execution
Our product allows developers to execute test scenarios in parallel across mobile or web platforms and easily switch between different locales for testing.
Integrated Solutions
Our integrated automation solutions cover both Salesforce and non-Salesforce projects, with web, mobile, and backend tools available. Testing solutions are ready to deploy and can be implemented quickly.
Load Testing
Performance engineers check system behavior to identify the number of connections it can handle while maintaining appropriate response time. We also identify and resolve performance bottlenecks before market release.
Stress & Stability Testing
Stress testing determines what will happen if the current load exceeds the expected maximum. We test to ensure that the system will remain stable over a predetermined amount of time to identify the risk of downtime and account for scheduled maintenance.
Scalability Testing
We measure the system’s capacity to scale as more load is added. The results of the scalability tests are used to plan for system growth and help clients avoid over-investment in hardware.