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Unlock Customer-Centric Growth with the World's #1 CRM

As businesses and cultures around the world eagerly embrace the digital-first marketplace, delivering seamless online customer experiences has never been more important for companies that want to thrive. Customers are the heart and soul of any organization, and as companies accelerate their shift to digital business, reducing costs and improving the online experience for customers and employees has become a chief concern. 

Customertimes began as a small set of consultants specializing in industry-leading CRM solutions. We’ve since become a global consultancy that’s more than 1000 strong, but our principles remain the same:   

  • To be independent and self-funded so we can maintain our laser-focus on customers 
  • To pursue excellence and continuous growth so we can be a one-stop-shop for our customers’ technology needs 
  • To enhance and improve our communities through philanthropic gifting and initiatives 

Why is Salesforce the World’s #1 CRM? 

Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is not just any CRM. It’s a premier platform that helps businesses build customer-centric relationships by enabling them to interact with customers in a way that caters to their individual needs, improving customer experience and driving business growth.  

Salesforce helps companies stay connected to their customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. Implementing Salesforce unlocks customer-centric growth, allowing companies to manage relationships across the organization, including marketing, sales, and customer service.  

Salesforce has become the world’s #1 CRM because it offers a single source of truth for every customer’s data. Salesforce refers to this valuable feature as “Customer 360” because it connects all customer data, both on and offline.  

But why does this matter? Each cloud utilizes collected data for specific strategies. For example, customer information can be used by marketing, sales, or service, and no matter who needs it, they’ll have easy access to centralized, up-to-date data.  

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

Customertimes has been a Salesforce Partner since 2008. Our team provides Salesforce implementation services, ISV products, and outsourcing to customers in 63 countries around the world. With a track record of more than 1000 successful Salesforce engagements and a team of 1300+ consultants, developers, business analysts, and mobile experts, we are known for helping our customers align their technology with their goals to increase productivity and business value, while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience. 

The Excitement Behind Customer-Centric Growth 

Jim Goldfinger is the Chief Customer Officer at Customertimes, and he’s been in the CRM industry for more than 37 years. When it comes to Salesforce, he’s more enthusiastic than ever. “I’m brilliantly impressed with how flexible and extendible the Salesforce platform has become to create a true system of engagement,” he says.  

Using a nicely worded analogy, he added, “Standalone point CRM is like a well-structured Rolodex, but by leveraging systems of record that might be outside of CRM, Salesforce CRM really becomes a system of customer engagement.  

“Being able to use multiple data sources on a single, integrated platform allows companies to provide the best customer experiences possible.

“Keep an open mind when it comes to strategy. Having the ability to be resilient and adjustable is critical to CRM success. Recognize that if you have a powerful weapon like Salesforce, you need to use it correctly and adjust accordingly. Just be aware of what your competition is doing and what your customers are expecting, while making sure you’re not just keeping up, but also surpassing your competitors.”  

How the Transformation Transpired 

Achieving digital transformation using Salesforce is important to both our clients and their customers.  

When asked why accelerating digital transformation is so important, Goldfinger responded, “It certainly fast-tracks digital the correct way, and in a big way. Today, many people look at digital as if it’s just like ecommerce, but it’s certainly more than that. It’s integrated with powerful collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams so you can schedule a call outside of CRM and correctly track the attachments to the Salesforce CRM.”  

Customertimes has a team of experts who know how to do just that. We also take a strategic approach to integrating and utilizing Salesforce CRM. As Goldfinger puts it, “We go after the market in a few different ways. Our key industries have been healthcare and life sciences, consumer goods, and manufacturing. Now, the high growth for us is going to be communications and media, based on the Salesforce acquisition of Vlocity (Salesforce Industries) 

“We’ve built experience-based solutions and accelerators, so we can get customers up and running even faster.”  

Goldfinger continues by giving more examples, stating, “In other cases, like consumer goods, we want to work with Salesforce to drive innovation for global companies. In life sciences and consumer health, we now have fully offline solutions and digital engagement modules that are fit-for-purpose solutions.” 

Customers are Crucial, but Never Forget Your Employees 

As leaders of any sustainable business will attest, improving the customer experience isn’t the only concern – the employee experience matters as well.  

Employees need new technologies to work from home in our ever-changing, digital-first world, so your technology must be robust enough to help them collaborate digitally and efficiently. When customers and employees are happy, everyone wins.  

The Data Approach 

Once your teams are interoperable, they can be united on a single, integrated platform. When everyone has access to the same, up-to-date data, companies have enhanced visibility into customer activity.   

As Goldfinger says, “Distilling key insights from volumes of data and making them actionable in real-time is key to optimizing the power of CRM. For example, a single field showing a customer’s % sales growth or decline from last year would be far more useful than providing a year’s worth of order transactions.” 

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