Customertimes stands with Ukraine

About us

Customertimes is a systems integrator and cloud consulting partner. We are particularly focused on supplying companies in the US and around the world with experienced senior consultants and developers as an extension of their existing teams.
Customertimes is headquartered in New York City with regional offices in Chicago, Princeton, Toronto, London, and Paris, along with multiple development centers in Eastern Europe. Our highly skilled teams deliver cost-effective, optimized solutions to bring greater value to your projects.
We understand that every business is unique. Unlike other companies that expect clients to design their own solutions, we simply ask them to define the business problem. We then work with them to maximize the value of their enterprise platforms and use our insight to deliver the right solution in a timely manner.
We can handle any assignment, from simple adjustments to complex implementations, and with a track record of more than 1000 successful cloud technology deployments, our high level of expertise gives customers the advantage they need to achieve greater results. Our solutions are designed to increase ROI and keep projects on track, regardless of scale or complexity.


Lightforce Project
The Salesforce Lightforce Project is an innovative, sustainable initiative that brings solar-powered LED lighting to communities with limited or no access to electricity. A Customertimes team travelled to the Philippines with the Lightforce Project in 2019, and we look forward to returning as soon as possible!
PepUp Tech
PepUp Tech trains motivated, underserved students for careers in tech. We fund the full-time salary for their Director of Workplace Development, and our staff mentors PepUp students and graduates. Chief Customer Officer Jim Goldfinger also joined their board in order to help them explore new funding sources.
Bachyty Sercem (Seeing with your Heart)
Since 2014, “Seeing with your Heart” has been helping children and youth with physical and developmental disabilities by providing socialization and educational opportunities. Customertimes works with their School of Socialization to give their students much-needed space to learn and engage with their peers.
Vkliucheniye (Inclusion)
Many parents of special needs children are forced to consider placing them in an orphanage because they lack proper support. Vkliucheniye gives these parents the support they need to continue caring for their children at home. Customertimes helps by providing supplies like sensory toys, furniture, and pillows.
Kirsanovka Orphanage
Customertimes supports the orphanage in the village of Kirsanovka so the children there have the care and supplies they need. This year, we provided traditional dance costumes for the kids to wear in a competition. They did a great job and managed to win over the judges!