A Sirenum Customer Story

If your organization has an idea for a new app or wants to improve an existing one, you typically have two choices:  

  1. Use in-house development resources to create it 
  2. Partner with a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)  

If you don’t have in-house development resources or simply want to free up your team to focus on other activities, a PDO is an excellent option. With a PDO, your app can be built quickly, by experts that specialize in product development and have the knowledge to get your product to market quickly.  

Customertimes is an experienced PDO. In fact, we’ve received Expert-level designation as a PDO/AppExchange partner from Salesforce, so you can count on us to support every part of your app development.    

Customertimes actually goes far beyond traditional PDO. Unlike most companies that build your product and hand it off to you, we help with every phase of the journey, through discovery, ideation, road mapping, testing, and release.  

But what truly sets us apart is the ongoing support we provide. Our job doesn’t end once your product is live on AppExchange – we work with you to mobilize your product to improve adoption and grow your business.  

We recently worked with Sirenum, a global leader in dynamic workforce management, on a new version of their mobile product. Here is a brief look at their customer story 


Sirenum simplifies workforce management by getting the right people in the right jobs at the right time. 

Their product – also called Sirenum – handles compliance, scheduling, payroll, time and attendance, staffing, and workforce management in a single cloud-based platform.  

Sirenum is sold on Salesforce AppExchange and offers supplemental services like electronic clocking and HR.  


Staffing agencies and HR departments use Sirenum to match available gig/remote workers – independent contractors, on-call or temporary workers, contract firm workers, etc – to open shifts at their clients’ companies.  

Gig worker signed on with that organization use Sirenum to find available shifts, manage schedules, submit expenses, and clock in/out for work. 


With the existing product, gig workers could only download one version of the Sirenum app. If they were signed on with multiple staffing agencies or organizations, they had a difficult time finding all available shifts.  

Sirenum reached out to us to ask us to design a next generation of their app – Sirenum Engage – that would allow workers to use Sirenum to connect with multiple staffing agencies from within the same platform.  

The challenge here is that Sirenum is configurable, so each agency can use Salesforce to configure their own Sirenum instance. The new version of the app had to be able to adapt to each agency’s version of Sirenum, connecting to multiple Salesforce organizations simultaneously.  

Our development team built Sirenum Engage to allow users to interact with the Sirenum instances at multiple agencies from within the same dashboard. It provides offline availability as well, so users have access to the tool and can accept shifts no matter where they are.  

The updated app also gives Sirenum’s clients access to a greater pool of remote workers, helping to fill in scheduling gaps and increase engagement with qualified staff. 


Now that Sirenum Engage is live, they’re putting it to work for a very critical use case: COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.  

As healthcare organizations look for workers to staff mobile testing and vaccination sites, they’re using Sirenum Engage to improve access to and control of remote workers. It’s enabled them to bring healthcare into their communities, rather than offering it largely within hospital/doctor’s office settings, which is critical for unprecedented, large-scale efforts like these.  

These organizations are also better positioned to meet fluctuating demand. If a particular community has greater testing/vaccination needs on a given day, they can adjust easily within the Sirenum platform and adequately staff sites with nearby workers.  

It’s all managed within the app, bringing the power of an entire staffing agency to individual mobile devices.  


“At Sirenum, we wanted a long-term partnership with an experienced Product Development Organization. Customertimes has been awarded Specialist Navigator status for PDO and comes with a proven track record. They provide expertise for developing and publishing mobile applications, and as a full-cycle PDO partner for mobile apps, they led the architecture and actively contributed to our mobile product strategy.” Lillian Lustig - Project Manager, Sirenum

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About Customertimes:  

If you’re looking for a best-in-class PDO, Customertimes can help. We have more than 15 years of experience as a global SI and PDO partner, and we have been internationally recognized by Salesforce as a Master Navigator. 

We offer a full suite of services covering the complete Salesforce product life cycle, from ideation to ongoing support. We’re laser-focused on delivering unprecedented business results, and our experts will guide you through go-to-market strategies and find the one that works for you. 

Throughout the fall, we’re making some of our product development specialists available for new PDO projects. If your organization wants to bring a product to market but doesn’t have the in-house resources to make it happen, we’d love to tell you more about Customertimes’ Staff Extension Services.