The Holy Grail of Customer Engagement: A True 360° View

By Denny Gracey


For pre-commercial Biopharma companies, launching a first product can be daunting, as the entire commercial infrastructure, along with solutions and service partners — must be assembled from scratch: Field and Inside Sales CRM, Medical CRM, Analytics & Data Sources, Marketing, Patient & Customer Services, Quality & Compliance, and more.

However, this challenge presents an excellent opportunity to implement the latest in CRM technology — the “holy grail” of customer engagement — a true 360° customer view for each business area that engages with the customer.

Imagine your sales rep preparing for a customer call, equipped with a summary of all the interactions the customer has had with other departments in your organization. They may have:

  • Requested a discussion with an MSL regarding efficacy data and drug interactions
  • Attended an event with a panel of key opinion leaders
  • Registered a complaint for a possible adverse event with one of their patients
  • Enrolled patients in a clinical study for your product
  • Placed an order, which is scheduled to ship tomorrow

This is the true 360° customer view, and by leveraging the power of Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, and purpose-built solutions for Life Sciences from partners like Customertimes, this vision can be realized today.


Maximize the Value of Salesforce

Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform globally, with an extensive selection of purpose-built applications developed by partners like Customertimes, to address the unique requirements of each business function. By standardizing on a common platform, data insights are easily derived from your organization’s interactions with HCPs, accounts, payers, patients, and others with whom you engage. Salesforce also leverages built-in analytics and artificial intelligence to track marketing and sales performance.


Life Sciences organizations have unique sales requirements that often go beyond “out of the box” Salesforce features. To help meet these business-critical use cases, Customertimes developed CT Mobile, a suite of Salesforce-based modules which extend Salesforce to provide:

  • Mobile and offline functionality with hybrid real-time options
  • A pharma & med device data model
  • A remote sales console for inside sales and remote field reps
  • HCP engagement with a 360° customer view that includes affiliates
  • KOL/medical CRM features with influence maps
  • Support for medical information requests
  • Digital and remote detailing, including interactive data capture
  • PDMA-compliant sample management with signature capture and audit
  • Order management
  • Rep training, evaluation, and surveys

With the implementation of CT Mobile, Life Sciences organizations can quickly and cost-effectively maximize their CRM investment, bringing together data and interactions from each relevant business area to equip sales reps with that 360° customer view that makes such a difference.

Commercial Enablement with True 360° Customer View provides the foundation for enabling comprehensive, integrated business capabilities throughout the commercial organization. By leveraging a single platform, customer information is seamlessly integrated and shared with all departments, delivering a true 360° view of all engagement with your customers.


Customertimes provides the business process expertise, accelerators, integrations, and technical Salesforce knowledge to enable workflow automation and omni-channel communication. This supports:

  • Patient Services
  • Marketing
  • Customer Services and Order Management
  • Field and Inside Sales
“We needed a cost-effective option that would let us use Salesforce features with mobile and offline capabilities. Customertimes gave us the flexibility to choose the right solutions for our organization with an intuitive, highly configurable UI, plus we can stay current on new Salesforce features. If you’re looking for admin-friendly CRM that makes it easy to ramp up as needed, I highly recommend CT.”
CRM Owner – A global Life Sciences organization

A Trusted Partner

Customertimes is an established Salesforce Partner, systems integrator, and provider of the CT Mobile CRM for Life Sciences sales organizations. With customers in more than 60 countries, our goal is to implement best-in-class solutions that improve the effectiveness of sales, marketing, customer services, patient services, order management, and other commercial business functions.


If you’re ready for the power of a true 360° customer view, let’s talk, and let’s make sure your product launch has the support it needs.

Denny Gracey

Denny Gracey leads business development and sales strategy for the Healthcare & Life Sciences markets at Customertimes US. With 20 years of experience serving the provider healthcare, biopharma, and med tech industries with software, solutions, and integrations services, Denny is passionate about the success of others – peers, partners, team members, and customers.  Denny holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Memphis and lives near Philadelphia, PA.