Leverage the power of Salesforce automation with CT Orders

When the order process is automated, your reps have more time to sell. CT Orders delivers sales automation with easy order-taking and pricing, and with its ability to combine field sales, call center, B2B portals, and POS channels, it is the only solution of its kind.  

“Automating the order process is a known pain point, so most clients don’t even try,” says Anastasiya Vuevich, Product Manager for CT Orders. “But with CT Orders, they can create a package solution that allows them to leverage the full power of Salesforce automation.”  

CT Orders guides users through each step of the sales process, from taking calls or managing online orders to pricing, getting products on shelves, and handling complex discounts, all from their preferred channel: Field Sales, Call Center, or Self-Service Portal.  

Plus, data is centralized so field sales reps can access it from mobile devices anywhere: stores, warehouses, meeting rooms, or even the middle of nowhere. It works for organizations of any size, so with CT Orders, every company, from small organizations to global enterprises, can have a tailored, cost-efficient order processing solution 

And because B2B selling and order taking are not just about CRM, CT Orders incorporates ERP and BI as well. In fact, CT Orders leverages the entire IT infrastructure to deliver a much more user-friendly sales solution.  

“It’s currently the only solution that combines all channels – field sales, call center, B2B portals, etc.”, says Vuevich. “No matter your vertical, if you’re currently using a niche solution to handle sales and pricing, we highly recommend moving to something like CT Orders that’s purpose-built to leverage the power of Salesforce.” 

With CT Orders, field sales teams can:  

  • Customize comprehensive pricing, promotions, freebies, and discounts 
  • Reduce errors and save time with centralized, real-time sales and inventory data 
  • Create offline orders and synchronize all CT Mobile data with your CRM 
  • Differentiate orders based on territories and roles 
  • Easily create custom product bundles; set deliveries based on product availability 
  • Monitor price calculations in real time 

CT Orders is part of the award-winning CT Mobile suite of products, including CT Pharma, CT CPG, CT Vision, CT Presenter, and CT Sign, designed to streamline retail and field sales operations.  

“We love to solve challenges like this!” Vuevich says. “The team that works on these products – developers, architects, QA specialists, analytics experts, etc. – is so excited because we know they’re going to make life easier for our clients.”  

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