Customertimes + EasyPicky Offer an Advanced Retail Execution Solution

EasyPicky & Customertimes Team Up to Offer Advanced Digital Services for Retail Execution

New York, NY, October 13, 2022 – Montpellier (France) – based start-up EasyPicky, which pioneered artificial intelligence based on instant video recognition, and Customertimes, a global systems integrator and enterprise software vendor, have joined forces to offer the most comprehensive digital image recognition solution on the market. Following two years of combined effort, EasyPicky and Customertimes officially announced their partnership at Dreamforce with a shared goal: going global.

This alliance is the logical next step in a highly productive partnership between the two players. EasyPicky and Customertimes have worked together on several strategic retail projects since 2020, notably in the food and cosmetics industries.

EasyPicky’s cutting-edge technology, which runs on AI and works instantly, on- or offline, integrates seamlessly with Customertimes’ software applications for field sales teams. This alliance has produced the most comprehensive digital application on the retail execution market.

The combined solution truly revolutionizes the daily lives of salespeople. Available entirely offline, it offers a unique one-stop user experience for field sales visit execution and fully automates of one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks: shelf space and assortment planning. With the combination of Customertimes’ CT Mobile technology and EasyPicky’s instant video recognition, companies can offer their commercial teams an unparalleled tech solution.

“EasyPicky is proud to announce our alliance with Customertimes. Our shared values, our vision of technology, and the synergy of our technological assets allow us to truly engage in joint projects on a global scale. Our constant ambition is to offer the best possible digital solution to brands and distributors. This partnership heralds the dawn of a new age of digital transformation for our customers worldwide!” – Renaud Pacull, Co-Founder and CEO, EasyPicky

“Our partnership with EasyPicky allows us to deliver best-in-class image recognition that’s fully integrated with our technology and compatible with Consumer Goods Cloud. Our customers get a highly automated retail execution solution that’s available on- or offline, and we are so happy to leverage this partnership to make a huge impact for our customers.”  – Alex Patsko, CEO CT Software


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Customertimes and EasyPicky make it easy to perform store checks instantly, on- or offline. See it in action in this short demo.

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