CT Top 5: Why We Can't Wait for Dreamforce '22

Dreamforce is big. It’s one of the year’s most highly anticipated digital technology events, a conference that celebrates the exchange of ideas and insights among the sector’s top thought leaders and innovators. 

That’s why Dreamforce 2022 is so significant. Themed “Go Big and Come Home,” it’s the first Dreamforce since 2019, a much-needed response to three years of pent-up demand for networking, brainstorming, and celebration. 

It’s going to be an epic reunion, and Customertimes will be right in the middle of it as a Navigator sponsor at the event. Booth details are still being refined, but in the meantime, here are the top five reasons we’re headed to Dreamforce 2022: 

 1. Connection 

It’s been a long time since we’ve attended an event with so many clients, partners, and fellow technology enthusiasts. Our business associates are more than colleagues: they’re friends, and we’re tremendously excited about seeing them again. Salesforce specializes in connectivity, and that mission is exemplified by Dreamforce. For us, Dreamforce is more than a business opportunity – it’s also a personal opportunity to enrich established relationships and forge new ones. 

2. Stellar Products 

CT has five products on Salesforce AppExchange, and our product specialists will be on hand to conduct live demos. Given an AppExchange rating of 4.8 out of five stars, we’re justifiably proud of our products – and we’re also proud of our specialists, who are conversant with every nuance of our technology and passionate about discussing product innovation and applications.  

3. Insight from the Experts 

Dreamforce draws the world’s top digital thinkers and designers. Fully 87% of Dreamforce attendees report garnering insights that help them accelerate business growth and revenues. We’re galvanized by Dreamforce – and by the opportunity to share our expertise with 30,000 fellow attendees and our thoughts with some of the planet’s most accomplished technologists.  

4. Partner Stories 

There’s a bedrock tenet in journalism: show, don’t tell. Stories, in other words, are the most effective means of disseminating information, and we have powerful stories to share. We partner with some fantastic companies, including Xactly, OwnBackup, Propel, and TalkDesk, and we’ll use Dreamforce to showcase the solutions that help them address business challenges, attract and retain customers, and drive revenue.   

5. Customer Stories 

We can’t discuss the specifics just yet, but two of our clients will be on hand to share their own stories about challenges and setbacks – and the innovations that ultimately allowed them to overcome and triumph. These partners are global CPG companies with riveting stories of business transformation, and their narratives contain insights that will benefit anyone in the tech space. 

Our Bags are Packed 

Dreamforce is a conference, of course, but it’s much more than that. It’s a celebration of technology and the innovation it supports, of the people who make it all happen, and of the stronger, more connected, more egalitarian, and more prosperous future it portends for all of us. We’re counting the days until September 20th. See you there!


Heading to Dreamforce?

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