CT Software Announces New Consumer Health Projects

New York, NY, February 09, 2022– Customertimes has recently undertaken projects with three global consumer health organizations in Western Europe to increase their existing OTC and prescription drug business segments and facilitate expansion into new, rapidly growing markets.  

Customertimes will be implementing CRM solutions for multichannel pharmacy and HCP engagement. The new solutions will be based on CT Software’s award-winning suite of products, including CT Pharma, CT Mobile, and CT Presenter. 

Additionally, all new customers will leverage CT’s proprietary multi-channel ordering solution, CT Orders, to increase efficiency for OTC and pharmacy rep visits. The timelines vary, but all three projects will reach go-live by Q3 of 2022.  

“These projects further confirm our role as one of the industry leaders in CRM for Consumer Health, Pharma, and Medical Products,” says Alexey Patsko, CEO of CT Software. “We are committed to increasing the efficiency of our customers’ sales teams, and we know our products will significantly impact the value these companies are able to derive from their CRM. 

“Customertimes offers a complete, industry-specific set of applications that extends Salesforce functionality and allows our customers to leverage the full power of the Salesforce ecosystem,” Patsko continues. “This is what gives us the edge over our competitors. Our applications make a significant impact on revenue growth and sales efficiency, allowing companies to scale quickly and expand into key markets.”  

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