IrisID is a global leader in developing and driving the commercialization of iris recognition technology. The company manufactures several types of iris and face recognition devices and the software to support them.

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GoLang, Angular


IrisID face recognition technology is in high demand at large and mid-sized businesses and public organizations.To keep up with skyrocketing demand, IrisID designed, tested, and deployed three previous generations of the Iris Access platform. The IrisID internal team continues to update their custom hardware with the following updates for admins:

  • All personal data must be transferred and managed securely.

  • Data collected from other hardware sources must be cleaned, merged, and managed in a fast and efficient way.


Solutions implemented:

  • Customertimes developed the admin portion of IrisID iT100.

  • Since the initial launch, CT has released several versions of the admin portion of IrisID Access. Each new version is secure, easy to use, and efficient.

  • The CT team developed both desktop and web versions of the application.


  • Cross-platform end-user deployment: an easy-to-install application that works with Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

  • Single binary file for web app: no additional files or programs are required to run the application.

  • MDNS for auto-discovery: Software activation procedure uses a cryptography algorithm on the mDNS server.

  • Sensitive data biometrics transfer securely: user data is processed via an encrypted channel.

  • User synchronization: application synchronizes user database between all connected devices.