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Teak Fellowship

This organization helps talented students from low-income NYC families achieve their potential by providing intensive after school and summer classes designed to help them get into the most selective high schools and colleges. Students emerge equipped to pursue their professional goals and positively impact the world.

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Salesforce NPSP


  • Using disparate applications to track and manage activities related to donors, fellows, and key business partners hampered aspirations for growth

  • Data and key business processes were not coordinated


The company implemented:

  • Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack

  • An integration with a marketing application for campaign management

  • An integration with Donation360 to streamline donation management

  • Custom extensions to help track program and school application and admission status


  • Coordinating data and processes helps streamline their business and drive growth strategies

  • Their single, cloud-based platform provides more efficient and cost-effective internal and external support processes

  • Sunsetting several applications that are no longer needed to run operations has saved money and modernized their technology stack

  • Their current configuration allows them to offer stakeholders a greater level of personalization and more efficient service

  • The company can now maintain a continuous improvement model instead of taking a reactive approach to problem solving