Global pharmaceutical company

This organization is a consumer health business that delivers important consumer medicines in France and across multiple EMEA countries.

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CT Pharma, CT Mobile, CT Presenter, Salesforce Service Cloud, Einstein Analytics


The company wanted to improve:

  • Integration of field sales team and telesales

  • Order taking capabilities

  • Contract management and self-service capabilities for pharmacies

  • Integration with ERP and external data providers


The company implemented:

  • CT product suite for field sales and telesales teams to cover the majority of sales processes: contract management, order management, event management, etc.

  • Service Cloud to improve the customer service experience

  • E-Signature by Docapost to facilitate contract management online and offline

  • Einstein Analytics to boost business intelligence by leveraging SFA, ERP, and external data


Since their implementation, the company has gained improvement in several key areas:

  • Improved activity planning and execution across various sales teams.

  • Fully offline mobile app for field sales

  • Better collaboration between field sales and telesales teams

  • Order taking with exact price calculation available both for field sales teams and call-center agents