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This organization is a global supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients, and raw materials. Its clients include perfume, cosmetics, food, and beverage manufacturers, along with the pharmaceutical industry and producers of nutritional supplements and pet food.

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United States, France

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Salesforce Sales Cloud, Customer Community, Salesforce Mobile App


  • The company did not have a system or tool in place to track their customer relationship information.

  • The company had numerous disparate, outdated tools that worked independently of each other and were in no way coordinated.

  • The tools they were using did not offer adequate self-service capabilities or mobile access, limiting customer engagement and opportunity management.

  • Their system was not capable of submitting comprehensive (100+ fields) requests to Siebel.


The company implemented:

  • Sales Cloud with custom configurations designed to meet internal requirements

  • Salesforce 1 to improve mobile access

  • Customer Communities to facilitate a pilot set of customers for self-service support

  • Salesforce to provide a request briefing tool that enables a more seamless process and reduces redundancy

  • Salesforce to be the system of record for contacts, activities, and opportunities, and to provide improved support to their customers

  • Integration via a REST API with a custom-built BI tool and Siebel CRM

  • Marketo to enhance their marketing campaigns and improve targeting


Now that they’ve implemented Salesforce as their CRM, the company has a baseline solution that can easily be deployed to their headquarters across the globe:

  • Basic CRM capabilities are now in place, including contact, activity, and opportunity management.

  • Their integration with Siebel and MicroStrategy (SAP data) provides a 360° view of their customers

  • Salesforce serves as a single window that allows sales reps to work on customer-related activities. It also provides data from SAP and Siebel for Sales and Sample Requests, respectively.