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Global cosmetics company

This organization is the world’s largest cosmetics company. It is committed to providing the best in cosmetics innovation to men and women around the world with respect for their diversity.

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CT Pharma CPG, CT Mobile, CT Presenter, CT Vision, CT Scan, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Einstein Analytics


The organization wanted to unify and streamline all sales processes on a single offline platform across their European hubs. They were experiencing:

  • Low field efficiency for customer-facing activities

  • Insufficient retail agility and lagging time-to-market for new commercial products

  • Ineffective communication across disparate sales teams and channels

  • Inefficient, labor-intensive sales administration tools limited by a rigid legacy ERP system.


Customertimes worked with the client to implement:

  • A Salesforce-native vertical SFA solution based on CT Pharma CPG, CT Mobile, and CT Presenter

  • A tight integration with the company’s multiple ERP “hubs” across several countries

  • An AI-powered store check execution process enabled by CT Vision


This project was transformative for all of the company’s key commercial processes and led to:

  • Improved UX, plus a 100% offline mode of work for field sales teams

  • Higher field sales force efficiency with broad functional coverage for order management, sell-out management, and visit execution.

  • Continuous innovation leveraging Salesforce cloud platforms