A Leading National Dermatology Provider

With more than 140 US locations, this company is the nation’s largest provider of quality dermatological services. They are committed to improving the health of their communities through comprehensive and preventative care and personalized, next-generation treatment options.

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  • Time-consuming processes: The company utilized multiple, disparate systems to handle recruitment for their 140+ locations. The systems were not connected and the processes were not automated, resulting in a need for admin work that took recruiters’ time away from applicants.

  • Lack of visibility: Since the systems didn’t communicate with each other, the company had no consolidated view of applicants, which meant additional steps were needed to collect relevant information.


The company implemented Salesforce Health Cloud to bring all aspects of the recruitment process onto the same platform. Health Cloud maintains a contact-based relational model and is specifically built for the Healthcare industry. It provided the following solutions:

  • Improved record management services to increase operational efficiency

  • A reporting solution to analyze recruitment data and track applicants through the process

  • Automated status control to help the organization streamline recruitment and analyze recruitment data


  • Now, the company has one system to manage recruitment from end to end.

  • The process is automated, allowing applicants to move to through it without the need for manual work from the company.

  • Recruiter effectiveness has increased dramatically, allowing recruiters to spend more time with applicants and less time on data collection. This results in a better applicant experience, which leads to a stronger team of providers at the organization.

  • A single system means a single, consolidated view of applicants and more robust reporting. The recruitment team is now able to track applicants through the process easily and gain greater insight into the applicant journey.