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To be successful, companies and organizations proactively manage and change their projects. It leads to evolving new project management tools and software that can make project management really easy. Salesforce provides such solutions. Choosing Salesforce, you get chance to have visibility of all stages of your project. With Salesforce you can do everything – planning projects managing tasks, tracking time, sharing and collaborating on documents, managing issues, and much more. Salesforce project management solutions are both native and integrated with other systems. You can also create a custom project management solution in Salesforce that will be developed to fit your business needs. Salesforce system is provided by Standard Salesforce Task Management (creating and closing tasks, process control), but it has just basic functions. If it is enough – good for you, but if you need more, here we list the best Salesforce solutions that will help your projects be structured and easy to perform.

How does it work?

Dream Team

Project and portfolio management, resource management, document management, time and expense reports, collaborative calendars, project workflow, and portfolio reporting are available with this    tool. It stores all project data in your Salesforce account. You can visualize project status with portfolio reports and Gantt charts. A good solution for those who wants, primarily, all-in-one.

Milestones Project and Task Management (Milestones PM)

Task, time management. Available showing project timeline in Gantt charts, creating a Project Template. Milestones PM is an open source app, so you have possibility to install it and customize by yourself.

Financial Force

Financial management, human capital management, supply chain   management, and professional services automation.  Creating customer or project communities, this tool puts the customer in the center of project management.


Tracking the progress of projects, mapping out dependencies, Salesforce chatter, a brief description of the activities, Logging time taken, updating the remaining estimate and providing. Planning and team collaborating.


The solution for project, process, and resource management. Good for companies that run a complex business.


Cloud platform with project management, HelpDesk, billing, and more into Gmail integrated.


This tool integrates project management and sales.

There are also other Salesforce project management solutions, which include different types of services provided. So you have a possibility to choose the best variant for you or apply for custom development.

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