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Many companies adopt Salesforce in order to become a customer oriented company and also to leverage agility of the business  as well as mobility of workforce. But to reach these goals all new data, which is generated in Salesforce, namely contacts, inventories, invoices and other, should extend across all systems which are currently used in the company –  inventory, user management, roles, permissions, e-commerce, ERP, accounting, web-based applications, point of sale, shipping and all other applications.  Otherwise Salesforce will be just an isolated storage of the data without such complete automated integration of all other relevant applications which are currently used in the company. Companies use a variety of applications. But the systems, at least most of them,  are not designed to work with Salesforce or with each other.  Integration of such separate but necessary systems and apps with Salesforce helps the companies to achieve better consistency, quality and efficiency of operations. These systems may have own databases, security systems, user interfaces and business logic. Each and all of them might be integrated during integration with Salesforce.

When several applications share relevant data in the same database than integration would let an application to utilize Salesforce database. This integration will improve data quality. Business logic in many cases is shared among several applications. When Salesforce is integrated with the applications it allows to improve business process creating complete end-to-end solutions. Integration of other applications and Salesforce  also lets user to use an interface which is very similar or even the same as Salesforce user interface. And also integration of various application security mechanisms with Salesforce reduces costs of administration and improves overall user experience. Customertimes consultants have vast experience with  a variety of integration tools as well as experience with local vendors integration (such as 1C and many others). We will help our clients to connect Salesforce with all other systems namely  point of sale, web-based apps, accounting, various ERP,  apps of inventory, user management, own databases, e-commerce, shipping and all other apps and systems.

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