Partners success story

HPS Success story

HighPoint Solutions is a premier, global provider of specialized IT services with vertically focused solutions for Life Science and Healthcare companies. HighPoint Solutions is a recognized trusted advisor and the company’s solutions are comprised of industry expertise, business strategy, methodology, functionality, and technologies that leverage best practices derived from past experiences and client success.

Since 2013, we have been working with Customertimes, Corp. on sub-contracting bases, successfully using their IT specialists in providing professional services for our clients’ most sophisticated, cutting-edge IT projects. became de facto industry standard for Life Science and Healthcare companies. Platinum implementation partner status of Customertimes, Corp. and deep expertise of Customertimes consultants in Life Science industries make us confident that the company’s business consulting and technology solutions deliver, and continue to deliver, business value and competitive advantage to the clients as well as to our company.

As a result of our cooperation with CustomerTimes Corp. we have developed a pipeline of more than 1 million dollars of incoming orders. Our business continues to grow. Due to optimal mix of onsite and offshore resources our profit margin improved, we were able to offer more competitive rates to our key clients and it improved our client relationship.

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BizBrain Success story

Bizbrain Technologies provides consulting services to enterprises, with a particular focus on SAP customers or SAP prospects. Additionally to hands-on system configuration and customization experience, Bizbrain Technologies provides expertise that helps enterprises in the analysis and in the implementation of business processes transformations and in the development of roadmaps that maximize returns and remarkably reduce implementation risks.

Customertimes, Corp. became an excellent partner to us. Customertimes specialists provide all necessary seniority, knowledge and experience required to make our SAP customers satisfied.

In our S&OP on HANA implementation projects Customertimes consultants have exhibited all required skills – understanding of the planning and operational processes, experience in change management, ability to model mathematically business problems, command of the S&OP on HANA engine mechanism, ability to communicate efficiently to business users, IT experts, SAP consultants and developers.

The same time collaboration with Customertimes have made us more successful and competitive in the market. Our revenue has significantly increased (if we can get their permission – it would be great to include some nice numbers here). Because of cooperation with Customertimes we now can take projects that we might refuse in the past.

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