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Konstantin Perederiy on UAbleIT and the Value of Digital Technology

Growing up in Ukraine, Konstantin Peredeiry was inexorably drawn to technology. By the time he finished college, it was more than a passion: it had already become his profession. 

A Start in SAP

“I was working for an automotive manufacturer that selected SAP as an ERP platform,” says Konstantin, SVP Sales for Customertimes. “The aim was fraud and budget corruption prevention, and as I worked on the project, that goal of transparency and accountability really appealed to me. It made me realize that digital technology had tremendous power for real corporate – even societal – reform.” 

If Konstantin was enthusiastic about working for SAP, the feeling was mutual: the company hired him full-time and promoted him steadily over the course of 12 years. He assumed a lead sales role, directing sales for eight years in Ukraine before transferring to a senior sales position in the U.S. 

But Konstantin’s enthusiasm for sales hardly precluded the urge to create. He ultimately left SAP to start a technology company with a small group of colleagues; in short order, they built a successful conversational AI product from scratch. 

“While I was promoting it, I met quite a few people from Customertimes,” Konstantin says. “I already knew about their experience with the Salesforce ecosystem and their expertise in product development. But from my interactions with the CT team, I learned about the company’s culture – their emphasis on customer service, internal equity, and openness. That coincided with my own values, so when we sold our company and Customertimes asked me to come on board, it was an easy decision.” 

The Power of Digital Technology

Konstantin’s respect for the transformational power of digital technology has only deepened over the years. 

“It’s literally an infinite asset,” he says. “There are no physical limitations to digital space, or to the business it can generate. And because there are no physical limitations, we can use it to build better economies without fighting over finite resources.” 

Digital technology, observes Konstantin, can be applied broadly – not just to commerce, but to currency, art, urban systems, and myriad other sectors.  

“Wherever it’s used, it creates value with no investment of scarce physical resources,” Konstantin says. “At the same time, it expands access to equity and economic security.” 

Training Ukrainians for Tech Careers

That’s why Konstantin is devoting a great deal of time to UAbleIT, an organization he co-founded to train Ukrainians in IT skills. 

“Technology must play the central role in rebuilding Ukraine once this terrible war is concluded,” he says. “Digital technology jobs pay well and will generate robust activity throughout the entire economy. To support ourselves, to prosper, we’ll need to train at least a million Ukrainians in IT. And we can’t reach that figure by relying on college STEM graduates alone.” 

UAbleIT is remedying the deficit by recruiting from nontechnical sectors of the Ukrainian labor force. Konstantin describes the initiative as a digital analog of the Manhattan Project: the emphasis is on speed and efficacy. 

“We want to train as many people as possible as quickly as possible – and get them working,” he says. 

Ready for Dreamforce

Konstantin is looking forward to participating in Dreamforce, and he intends to vigorously champion Customertimes’ services and products. But he emphasizes his priority is listening – to customers, industry colleagues, and partners.  

“When you attend a technology conference and you’re proud of your company, you naturally want to spend time in the booth with prospects,” he says. “But I also plan to really walk the floor and see what’s out there. I want to talk to people about the specific challenges they’re facing and determine if there are ways we can help through Salesforce and our own proprietary technology.” 

If there is a defining characteristic of the Salesforce ecosystem, says Konstantin, it is diversity; and a significant number of those sectors concern public health. 

“So given that life sciences and health care are the largest verticals for Customertimes, Salesforce is central to what we do,” he says.  “By interacting with customers and partners – and yes, competitors – we’re able to better align our efforts. Conferences like Dreamforce essentially optimize the entire digital industry.” 

As a fitness enthusiast, Konstantin enjoys boxing and long-distance running; he also volunteers for local community projects. But most of his free time is devoted to his wife and two young daughters. Among the family’s plans, travel is paramount – and one trip in particular is a priority. 

 “Last summer, we were in Ukraine together, visiting my daughters’ grandparents. My greatest hope is that we can all go back together again soon.” 


Coming to Dreamforce?

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