James Goldfinger Joins the PepUp Tech Board

New York, NY, March 4, 2021, – In November 2020, Customertimes announced a partnership with PepUp Tech, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the next generation of tech leaders through education.

Now, Customertimes is pleased to announce that James Goldfinger, Chief Customer Officer at CT, has joined the Board of Directors at PepUp Tech in order to help drive the organization’s mission while making an impact on their current students.

“We’ll provide content for their online learning system and offer mentorship to their graduates,” says Goldfinger. “Graduates can turn to an experienced mentor from CT which will help them be more successful in their careers and provide confidence to prospective employers.

“I also hope to support the organization in establishing and driving new funding sources,” he continues. “PepUp Tech was largely dependent on live events for fundraising in the past, so this new focus is critical given the negative impact of the pandemic.”

Says Selina Suarez, Executive Director at PepUp Tech, “We’re glad to be able to leverage the financial support of Customertimes, but more importantly, we welcome Jim’s guidance and the experience of his team. With this extended network, our students will have greater opportunities to learn, which translates to greater opportunities for future employment.”

Goldfinger hopes similar organizations will join him in partnering with PepUp Tech. “Salesforce recently introduced the Lead program for Equality and Sustainable Development, which gives partner weighting around these initiatives,” he says. “I can think of no better organization than PepUp Tech for a Salesforce partner to work with in order to align their company with this initiative. They can volunteer hours as mentors, hire their diverse graduates, or provide funding for an incredibly worthy Salesforce-oriented cause.”

Get involved on their site Get involved on their site, and join Customertimes in working with this impactful group.


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PepUp Tech is a non-profit that gives motivated, underserved students the access, skills, mentors, and confidence needed to begin careers in tech and help diversify the industry. They offer an intensive ten-week Salesforce Academy training designed to train students for careers in the fast-growing Salesforce ecosystem. Students have access to top notch training, industry professionals, and workforce placement services. For more information, visit pepuptech.org.