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Discover CT: Dmitry Selkov

The Customertimes team is known for its depth of experience and hands-on implementations for some of the largest corporations in the world.  

But our team members are experts at more than just technology. They have skills that go beyond the scope of their work with Customertimes, so we’re highlighting them in the Discover CT series.   

Read Dmitry Selkov’s story, and find out how our Moscow-based Head of Delivery and avid basketball player excels on and off the court.  


Customertimes: We hear you’re quite the basketball player! When did you start playing?  

Dmitry Selkov: My friends at school asked me to join their team when I was 13, It was a youth sports academy, part of the Lokomotiv Moscow team, and I loved it immediately. From that day, basketball became a life-long passion.  

We won the Moscow high school championship for our district, and took 3rd place in the first Adidas Streetball Challenge in Russia. 




CT: Did you play professionally?  

DS: I’m not tall enough to play professionally, so I played with my Lokomotiv academy team until I went to university and joined the team there. I actually still play with my team from high school now, and I also help referee the Moscow high school championships.  


CT: What do you love about the game?  

DS: I love the team play. You can’t win if you’re self-centered – it has to be all about your teammates. Making an assist or getting a rebound are just as important as actually making a basket yourself.  

Plus, you have to play smart. You can still win without jumping the highest or having the highest field goal percentage. 

When I was young, we often played against our coaches. They were 30 years older than we were and much less physically fit, but we lost to them frequently because they played smarter than we did.  

Basketball isn’t just about running around and shooting! You have to build a strategy that leverages your strengths.  


CT: How often do you play?  

DS: I’m doing my best to play on a regular basis (watch him make five in a row right here), but it’s tough due to COVID-19. So, I built my own court in my backyard to help me stay fit. It’s a great place to clear my head in between meetings.  



CT: Do you have a favorite memory from a game? 

DS: In one of my high school championship games, both teams were very evenly matched. The score was tied almost the entire game, and we played three overtimes! The refs decided to have a round of free throws to decide the winner, but after the first round, the score was still tied. We moved to a round of 3-point shots, and luckily, I hit the winning shot. It was an incredible game, and I learned a valuable lesson: don’t relax until the final buzzer! 


CT: What do you do at CT?  

DS: As Head of Delivery, I lead complex programs and projects to deliver a superior client experience. I work with and SAP, and I also work in an advisory capacity on project management, change management, and business transformation.   



CT: How do you think basketball relates to your work with CT? 

DS: You can only succeed as a team, so if you focus on building a team with common goals and values, you’ll get results. Like I said above, you have to build a strategy that leverages your strengths! 

Training is also critical. Come to the court– or to your job – and train hard. Just thinking about it isn’t enough. Come do the work, and see how far you can go 

I think failure is a valuable teacher. Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” When you fail, take responsibility for it, learn the lesson, and move on.  

And if you’re leading a team, do it by example. Focus on developing yourself and those working with you. Demonstrate that you are dependable and model service to others.  


CT: Any other career advice? 

DS: Work is about results, but it’s also about the process. Look for a career that allows you to enjoy not only the results of your work, but the process itself.  

Look for what you love doing. Build up good relationships with your team, and enjoy the process of your job. If you can do that, you’ll never feel like you’re “working.” You’ll just be doing what you love.  


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