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Discover CT: Anna Andreieva

The Customertimes team is known for its depth of experience and hands-on implementations for some of the largest corporations in the world.  

But our team members are experts at more than just technology. They have skills that go beyond the scope of their work with Customertimes, so we’re highlighting them in the Discover CT series.   

Anna Andreieva is a Project Manager based in Kyiv, Ukraine, but on the side, she’s a talented watercolor artist. Here, she shares why she loves art and creative tech solutions.  

Customertimes: Tell me about your involvement with painting. When and why did you start? 

Anna Andreieva: When I was a child, I went to an arts school for several years. But as I grew up, I totally forgot about it! Seven years ago, I met an artist, and we became friends. She gave me a couple of lessons and I started painting again. 


CT: From the samples you sent, it looks like you love to paint landscapes. Do you paint from photographs, or are these places you’ve visited?  

AA: Yes, landscapes are my favorite! I like to paint different gradients and show how the light affects the colors in nature.  

I do paint from photographs but many of them are pictures I’ve taken myself of places I’ve visited. 

CT: What do you do with your paintings when they are finished?  

AA: Some of them I give my friends as gifts, some of them are still in my apartment on the walls. Maybe someday I’ll have an exhibition, but I need to dedicate a lot more time to painting if I want to do that. 

CT: What do you love about painting?  

AA: I love the process. It’s like my form of meditation. I dive into the painting, and I can spend hours completely focused on it. 


CT: What do you do at CT?  

AA: I’m a Project Manager, so I implement and support the SCRUM, manage stakeholder expectations, and monitor KPIs.  

CT: Have you learned any lessons from art that apply to your work with CT? 

AA: Just like in painting, every project has its own process! I’ve learned to be patient and do whatever I can to get a good result.  

Having an artistic hobby like this has helped me find creative ways to solve problems, and it reminds me to look at the big picture – how one single action can influence an entire project. Also, it’s taught me that getting a good result requires hard work – and sometimes a little bit of improvisation! 


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