Customertimes Launches The Give Back to Ukraine Fund



New York, NY, March 9, 2022– Customertimes announces the launch of The Give Back to Ukraine Fund, a humanitarian initiative to support those who have been directly impacted by the war.  

This independent account will be governed by the Customertimes executive board, and 100% of the contributions will be used to support employee volunteer efforts on the ground and provide housing, medicine, clothing, and food for our Ukrainian team.  

Since its launch March 3, 2022, The Give Back to Ukraine Fund has raised more than $95,000 USD. Additionally, the C-level staff at Customertimes has collectively agreed to donate their own salaries for the month of March to these rescue efforts.  

“I would like to personally thank our colleagues and partners for their contribution to The Give Back to Ukraine Fund.” says Dmitry Sidnev, CEO and Co-founder of Customertimes.  

“The funds are helping our colleagues and their families who are volunteering in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and Romania to provide food, water, clothing, relocation, housing, transportation, and medical assistance to those that need it most. We are also supporting our team directly, ensuring everyone is safe and has access to food, shelter, and supplies.” 

Contributions can be made through Square or via wire transfer, and the company will provide an independent report of every dollar that is spent through the fund. Results will also be published on the company website for complete transparency.  


The Give Back to Ukraine Fund

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