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Large European Telecom Company

This company is one of the Europe’s largest universal telecommunication companies. They provide internet, cell phone, and TV services to more than a million customers.

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SAP CRM Loyalty, SAP for Telecom, Process Integration, BI and Analytics


As a major telecommunications provider, this company wanted to improve its loyalty program and gain better insights from their reporting in order to deliver an improved customer experience.


Customertimes implemented several tools to help improve business functionality, including:

  • CRM Loyalty to improve loyalty program management

  • SAP for telecom to streamline operations

  • Process Integration to automate and optimize business processes

  • Business Intelligence to improve analytical reporting


This Telecom company has significantly improved its loyalty program management, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. They’ve also established a more efficient, effective reporting process, which allows them to gain great insight from their data. The following BI functions have been established:

  • Loyalty program reporting

  • Ongoing marketing effectiveness analysis

  • Traffic reporting

  • Revenue and cost reporting

  • Profitability and negative margin