Salesforce Customization

We offer you to include advanced automation functions or custom application development.

Today Salesforce is a web-based platform that can fit to any company’s needs. What’s the secret? Customization. What is it? Customization is modifying or extending the behavior of the out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality. That means that we adapt Salesforce to fit your business needs. Saleforce Customization is a process of modification Salesforce functionality to your company special characteristics or improvement of workflows and existing processes. It involves writing new custom code.

How does it work?

We offer you to include advanced automation functions or custom application development. Custom development solutions are made to be the best solutions for your business. This includes cloud application solutions development on development platform. We can develop app following the App-Exchange security guideline. We have good exposure in Packaging (Managed & Unmanaged), Deployment through IDE plugin and change set, and Email Services. If you already have Salesforce but need help getting more from one solution, we can customize your Salesforce. CustomersTime team will help you to transform your solutions. In this case, first we will make an assessment of your situation at this time.

Further customization contains such activities as corrective actions, redesign of business processes, changes implementation, design of meaningful reports and dashboards, and End-User Training. Our experienced specialists provide the fastest way to make custom Web sites and cloud apps. We develop custom solutions for you to be close to your customers without wasting time on programs development. If you have some specific requirements and needs just Review components and apply custom controls.

Salesforce Customization
& Salesforce Configuration

As you can see, Salesforce is a flexible system with one of the most useful characteristics – user-friendliness. Salesforce’s flexibility gives you the opportunity to customize your database and structure to accommodate your company’s. Salesforce object structure can be extended by defining your own custom objects, object relationships, and custom fields. Salesforce Customization involves coding new modules such as business logic, front-end components, using the front end framework, VisualForce, and the Salesforce programming language, APEX.

Another way to implement or make changes to Salesforce as your base system is Salesforce Configuration. This variant involves action (changing switches and setups) that can be done by anyone who has been trained to deal with Salesforce UI Setup. Salesforce configuration doesn’t need writing special code. It requires just setting basic Salesforce installations on and off. You have custom request, and we use our skills to configure services for you or make special training for someone who will be able to modify the system logic and structure of data model.

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