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marketing and information needs

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interactive presentations

Support your meetings with eye-catching presentations. Adapt discussion through personalized slide flow.

Powerful Analytics

Get real-time feedback & analytics, improve your sales productivity. Capture customer feedback through interactive widgets.

multimedia & resources

Presenter supports a range of different file types — web pages, multi-page documents, audio, web pages, HTML files, video, PDFs, images . Upload documents and see them work seamlessly on your mobile device.

Content management tools

CT Presenter has suite of tools that enable your organization to seamlessly create, edit, review and publish powerful content that converts.

Adaptive story flow

Data driven interactive presentations, focus on the story, facilitate dialogue, various rich content (3D, video, etc)

Tight crm integration

CT Presenter integrates with your CRM systems to track sales and customer information for better marketing insight.

CT Presenter is built
on a Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) principles

СТ Presenter closes the loop between content creation, content presentation and content effectiveness.

Sample Presentations

Content management solution for sales and marketing teams.

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