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Customertimes is NetApp Gold Partner

Could you imagine if your data lose its gravity?

NetApp has abilities to incorporate new disruptive technologies in their products non-disruptively leading the storage system market, and Customertimes bring them to the customers. 

NetApp is partnering with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Salesforce to provide choice, data protection, data management, backup software, cloud integration, and cloud services.

  • SaaS Backup for Salesforce – Backup software for storing your data where your compliance expected it to be, on a cloud of your choice or on-premise for whatever time you need. Self-service web portal for Salesforce to restore a single record or entire organization restoration to the same or a new SFDC org. CustomerTimes have huge experience and expertise with Salesforce and strongly recommend our customers to evaluate your SFDC data backup strategy because of data loss from malicious users, malicious software and accidental data corruption and deletion. Data may be not recoverable after a short period, and restoration can be time-consuming and very costly regarding SFDC data restoration process, and the business loses.
  • SaaS Backup for Office 365 – Backup software for storing backup data with strict compliance requirements from all the O365 applications either to the cloud of your choice or on-premise with the ability to restore single object or file even after it wiped out from recycle bin.
  • Cloud Backup – Cloud target for data backup from virtually any backup software with encryption & deduplication capabilities

Software-Defined trends, new types of applications, new types of workloads and requirements, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, In-Memory Databases and new types of storage media gives many choices and yet complexity and new challenges for infrastructure. NetApp helps to solve those challenges with its Infrastructure software:

  • ONTAP Select – Software Defined Storage (SDS) system with enterprise-class data protection, automation, scalability, availability, and integrations with infrastructure and backup software. It supports NFS, pNFS, CIFS and iSCSI protocols.
  • Memory Accelerated Data (MAX Data) – software to accelerate and improve performance, data availability and data protection for in-memory applications with enterprise-class capabilities like snapshotting, High Availability, Data Tiering for workloads like

It’s hard to convert your existing on-premise infrastructure to the private cloud and upgrade performance with investment protection. NetApp AFF systems with NVMe end-to-end support and many automation capabilities give you such ability. AFF systems based on Flash & NVMe technology can radically reduce energy and space consumption in your datacenter, give a significant boost of performance, dramatically reduce latency. While NetApp FabricPool technology with the conjunction of StorageGRID software can dramatically reduce AFF storage consumption with tiering for many days unused blocks of data to cheap object storage, which can be installed on any servers. While NetApp for many years proven, Storage Efficiency Technologies like compression and Deduplication can reduce storage costs even farther without impacting storage performance.

  • NetApp All-Flash FAS (AFF) – NetApp is a leader of All Flash market with mature ecosystem of application integrations and data protection, cloud-connected storage with best in class data protection, data availability and data management capabilities like FabricPool, FlexFroups, MetroCluster, SnapMirror, Snapshots, FlexClones, Clusterization and horizontal scalability, Multitenancy, FlexCache, SnapLock, Storage QoS, Non-Disruptive operations. NetApp AFF systems give best in class automation capabilities like Ansible and RESTful API, continuously improving with performance and adding new technologies. NetApp AFF systems show one of best performances according to open SPC tests.
  • NetApp StorageGRID Webscale – is mature object storage available for 15 years on the market with best in class data lifecycle management and comparable to AWS S3 price.

Converged Infrastructure helps customers to get the best of bread IT Infrastructure components and solutions and easy to install, configure and consume on-premise infrastructure to build your own private cloud in minutes.

  • NetApp HCI – is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solution from NetApp with a simple initial configuration which took only 40 min to start your entire Next Generation Datacenter (NGDC) infrastructure. NetApp HCI has simple scalability with separate storage and compute nodes which gives single pain of glass GUI interface.
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