We establish mutually beneficial partnerships
to deliver our best solutions


How we do it:

Because of the team extension with highly qualified offshore team we can decrease costs and let our partners to obtain higher profits. As a result our partners can offer more competitive prices to their clients, and thus cement their relationships with existing clients, obtain new clients and improve market position.

We have extensive resource pool. We are flexible and are able to quickly mobilize specialists with different background and experience; because of different backgrounds and specialization our partners are able to extend menu of service offerings to their clients, start work with clients in new markets.

Our team extension methodology creates the following benefits for both our system integrator partners and their clients:

  • Helps to promote innovation and create competitive advantage for both our partners and their clients.
  • Allows to execute project with size and complicity, which could not be executed otherwise.
  • Provides both partners and clients with access to extensive resource pool and enables them to quickly change mix of knowledge, experience and skill sets in your company.
  • Allows necessary scalability so our own and our partners’ cloud services could be increased or decreased quickly if needed.
  • Decreases both partners’ and their clients’ cloud service costs
  • Accelerates time to market.
Partners success story